What are savings projections?
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Hey Coach projects your future savings based on your spending, income and super (your income after you retire). Select a bar on the chart to see how your savings balance changes over time.

On the chart, if the green savings line goes up it means you are growing your savings. Your savings can be used to buy assets (e.g. a car or house) or to pay expenses (e.g. holidays and school fees). If the green line is below zero, you are at risk of having no future savings. We recommend you examine your income and spending for saving opportunities.

After retirement age, your income changes from your salary to your super drawdown amount and aged pension (if eligible). The drawdown amount is calculated on your super fund balance found in the superannuation section of Hey Coach.

Savings projections use today’s dollars. This means we have reduced your income growth rate to account for the rising cost of living (inflation). By using today’s dollars you can compare your future savings and spending to your current income levels. If the results were shown in future dollars instead, your expenses would get larger and your income would grow faster. This would make it more difficult to compare to your current financial position.

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