What are financial projections?
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Hey Coach projects your financial position based on your assets and borrowings. Select a bar on the chart to see how your financial position changes over time. Use the toggle to move between annual projections (how your finances change year to year) and lifetime projections (how your finances change over your life).

Financial projections reflect a number of estimates and subjective assumptions and judgments concerning financial outcomes. These assumptions and judgments may or may not prove to be correct and there can be no assurance that any projected results are attainable or will be realised by members.

Financial projections use today’s dollars. This means we have reduced your asset growth rates to account for the rising cost of living (inflation). By using today’s dollars you can compare your future asset values to your current income levels. If the results were shown in future dollars instead, your assets would grow faster. This would make it more difficult to compare to your current financial position.

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