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What is your financial position?
What is your financial position?
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Your financial position is a snapshot of your current money situation, also known as your balance sheet. Your financial position lists assets (what you own), borrowings (what you owe) and net wealth (what is left in your pocket after you subtract your borrowings from assets).

If your net wealth is positive and growing you are increasing your financial health. If your net wealth is decreasing you are potentially decreasing in financial health. Each month check in to Hey Coach to see if your net wealth has grown.

Performance data (where provided) is based on the information you enter into Hey Coach and historical data compiled by third parties. Therefore, it does not constitute a recommendation of any particular financial product and is not a reliable indicator of future performance and future returns are not guaranteed.

Select a bar on your financial position chart to view a snapshot of that part of your finances. To manage that part of your finances, select ‘More’ next to the name.

Hey Coach includes your savings (budget, income and spending), lifestyle assets (cars, bike and boats), investments (shares, managed funds, digital currency, business ownership), superannuation, property (home and investments), loans and credit cards.

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