How we protect your information

Hey Coach uses Yodlee to securely connect your financial institution accounts. Yodlee uses bank-grade security and is trusted by over 25 million users worldwide.

When you enter your login name and password Yodlee establish a secure connection with your financial institutions. This connection uses the latest encryption and security technology so no one has access to your information.

Only the data you need

We only ask for the data you need. By sharing your data we can more accurately track your financial position.

Account balance and details

- Name of account

- Type of account

- Account balance

Transaction details

- Incoming and outgoing transactions

- Amounts

- Dates

- Descriptions of transactions

- Who you have sent money to and received money from.

How often will you sync my data?

We may sync your data multiple times each day to retrieve transactions in order to keep your financial position up to date.

What happens if I want to withdraw consent?

We will delete your data when we no longer need it to track your financial position, you stop sharing it, or if your consent expires as long as we have no legal obligation to retain it.

What happens to your data when you stop sharing it with us?

Without this data, you will be limited in your ability to track your financial position. We will delete your data after you stop sharing it with us or close your account.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on how Hey Coach handles your data.

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