Anastasia Santoreneos. Money Management. 29 January 2019

Moneytree and Roll-it Super join forces

Financial data aggregation platform, Moneytree, has partnered with Roll-it Super to allow the fund’s members to view their financial accounts across providers in one place.

The partnership would see Moneytree provide API infrastructure that would enable Roll-it Super users to gather all their financial accounts in one place in a secure way.

Founder of Roll-it Super, Mark MacLeod, said Moneytree was chosen for its strict privacy policy of not disclosing financial information with any unauthorised third parties.

“Accessing banking and super information from one place in a single login is a feature entirely for the benefit of Roll-it Super users. With this, they’ll be able to better understand their financial position and review their income, spending and saving patterns overtime,” he said.

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